5 Most Important Things needed for travelling in Australia!

Packing for any trip is a task most travellers would happily pass on if it wasn’t necessary. The stress of not what you ‘might’ need when visiting a new city or country has most of us packing our entire wardrobe and lugging around a ridiculously heavy backpack. So, to make things a little easier for you here. These are top 5 essential items you need to pack when coming to Australia.

1. Sunscreen

Number of travellers who think a day out in sun in Australia won’t do any damage.

ALERT NOTE: You won’t get a tan for sure, you will just burn! Don’t be that ‘red’ person banished in the shade because they go too much sun, just wear the sunblock. And wear the strong stuff, SPF15 doesn’t work here.

Also, please note that sunglasses, fully covering clothes and broad brimmed hat is must have for sun protection here.

2. PowerBank- Portable Charger

Could you imagine travelling without your phone?

No maps to show you where to go. No google to tell you where the best places to eat. So pack yourself a portable charger, and yes remember to charge it!

3. The Australian Adaptor

Carrying suitable adaptors for your appliance is very important here.

4. Laundry Bags

  • In Australia, it can get hot. Don’t contaminate your remaining clean clothes with your sweat ridden (potentially alcohol stained) clothes.
  • Pack your dirty laundry in snap lock bags and keep everything else fresh as a daisy.
  • 5. Sanitizers and Wipes

    After a long day, when you simply want to freshen up as you still aren’t climatized to the Aussie heat, wet wipes and sanitizer will keep you feeling somewhat ‘human’ until you find yourself a shower or a beach to wash off in!

    Ok, you’ll probably need to pack a bit more than what is listed above (like your passport and money and clothes and… well a lot of things), but these should get you off to a good start.

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